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Nashville Parent

Thanks for your interest Nashville Parent! We at Gracie Barra Green Hills truly believe BJJ is the best martial art in the world for children and we would like you and your kid to experience all it has to offer.

Some of the Benefits of Joining our Future Champions Program include:
    • Learn practical self-defense
    • Increase focus, energy and concentration
    • Increase agility, balance, and coordination
    • Enjoy significant gains in overall fitness
    • Enhance self-confidence
    • Improve social skills
    • Better understanding of setting goals and working towards them

As a contact sport, Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides a very challenging yet safe environment for your child to mature towards becoming a real life champion, on and off the mats. BJJ is a grappling martial art that utilizes leverage and proper timing to overcome an opponent of superior size and strength.


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